Reduce Processing Time, Energy and Delays While Saving Money

Reign Interactive can benefit technology retail centers, internet gaming companies, universities, end-users, cafes and venues and cloud gaming service businesses.

Cloud companies can take advantage of lower energy costs as they improve user satisfaction. Reign Interactive outperforms existing server-centric and network-centric models as it reduces power consumption by 54%.

Everyone wins. Gamers get faster service, less jitter, and reduced delays while servers gain 39% speedup in the ME process and 24% acceleration in total encoding. By focusing on the area gamers are, and putting less bandwidth in areas they aren’t, users still get a rich game experience, but servers can reduce required bit rate by 25%. Savings can be used to build your company or passed on to consumers to gain advantage in a competitive market.

With gaming as a service (GaaS) users need not purchase expensive equipment to run their games. Game makers need not fear piracy as the software does not leave the cloud. And servers can expand their audience as cell phones and other battery dependent receivers and become effective gaming consoles.

Reign Interactive algorithms are scalable and can grow as you and your market does.

  • Currently 59% of Americans play video games
  • Growing smartphone gaming will increase cloud gaming to a CAGR of 29.8% by 2020
  • Data Streaming is expected to reach a CAGR of 33.5% by 2020
  • Global spending for public cloud services are estimated to grow at 19.4% compound annual growth (CAGR). Nearly $70 billion was spent in 2015 and over $141 billion is expected by 2019.

Possible Partners

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel, PlayStation Now, OnLive,, NVIDIA, PlayGiga, Playkey, Sony, CiiNOW, Crytek, GamingCloud, Happy Cloud, IBM, Kalydo, LiquidSky, Software, Playcast Media Systems, Samsung Electronics, Sling Media, TransGaming, Ubitus, Utomik, Valve, Steam, Ubisoft, G-Cluster, Gamefly


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