David Kasper


    David is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with 25+ years of experience in the Information Technology. David is an effective project manager, decision-maker, facilitator and communicator with a sound understanding of overall business objectives. He has a record of achievement developing project strategies, estimating resources and ensuring delivery of quality installations/services on time, while meeting all client objectives.
    David displays his natural leadership style, inspiring confidence and integrating “best practices” with staff talents to create a focused and loyal workforce with maximized synergy. David is a focused problem solver, devising solutions that fully support the bottom line and long-range goals. He is a catalyst for continuous improvement who readily adapts to evolving business and technology challenges.

        Kurt Weber



        Mr. Weber is a seasoned Sales executive with an Engineering background.  With a BSEE degree from Clarkson University and extended study in Engineering and Business Administration, Mr. Weber has made major contributions to product development and manufacturing of consumer, telecom, server/storage products and military products.  After 15 years of engineering and engineering management, Mr. Weber made the transition to a sales/business development role at major semiconductor and system OEMs including QLogic, NCR Microelectronics and Tundra Semiconductor.


        Specializing in managing Strategic Accounts with Strategic Account Teams, Mr. Weber was able to make major inroads in the server/storage market of Hewlett Package, Dell Enterprise Servers and Storage Tek (now Oracle) with SCSI and Fibre Channel solutions which significantly changed the landscape of the major storage providers.


        Mr. Weber has significant experience creating and managing sales teams selling hardware and software products to OEMs and through distribution channels and is currently managing a worldwide sales organization focused on hardware and software sales.

            Mark Arrington


            Mark is a senior Software Engineering leader with 20+ years’ experience handling the challenges of building and launching elegant software product suites that improve client and customer interactions. Mark’s passion is building teams and products that are Agile, resilient, scalable, interactive and fun. Experience as a Director of both Software Engineering and Product Management for over 12 years helps Mark to see and communicate both technical and business aspects of a situation and strategy. Mark’s unique ability to see long term while taking a holistic approach enables the pursuit of the best path to reduce friction and prepare for adoption of future technologies. Expertise in managing the software product development lifecycle enables Mark to develop relationships and communicate decisions effectively with a variety of stakeholders to build confidence, unity, rhythm and momentum.
            Mark has earned a MBA in Engineering Management from the University of Dallas, and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business from Utah State University.

                Corey Park

                Strategic Advisor

                Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management. He also attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership & Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years. Mr. Parks has closed several acquisitions and multimillion dollar lines of credit from hedge funds; as well as negotiated and / or closed many mergers, strategic partnerships, license and/or sponsored research agreements and joint ventures. As an experienced practitioner of business strategy, he has read, studied and applied numerous books and countless articles relating to business strategy (According to the Wall Street Journal, the most sought after executive skill set is strategic thinking).