New Technology Bypasses Motion Estimation (ME) Process
To Increase Speed and Reduce Clock Cycles

Reign Interactive’s novel algorithm reduces computational complexity to speed up the video encoding process. It requires minimum modification on the game engine. Instead, it receives information from the game engine and modifies it to be read by the video encoder. It does not require a lot of information to be saved or large computations.

Instead, it uses information about the motion of objects already available at the game engine side in the rendering operation. It takes this information to bypass the ME procedure. It analyzes traffic and adjusts the transfer of information within the cloud to maintain real-time performance.

Reign Interactive uses three new techniques for better performance and savings. They include the following:

  1. Video Encoding Acceleration in Cloud Gaming
  • Improvements on RR-GaaS, used by leading cloud gaming companies – Sony (Gaikai, Onlive), G-cluster.
  • Up to 39% speedup in the ME process
  • 24% acceleration in total encoding
  • Reduce power consumption by 54%
  • Generic Method can be applied with a variety of technologies
  • Speeds up the encoding process, while increased bitrate requirement or quality degradation is kept to a minimum.
  • The essential motion estimation process is accelerated by eliminating redundancy

2- Visual Attention model for Bandwidth reduction

  • Integrates human attention models into the encoding process to reduce communication resources required
  • Decreases the required bit rate by 25 %
  • Areas where users attention will not be focussed receive less resources
  1. Optimizing Cloud Gaming datacenters for improved player response time
  • Reduces end-to-end delay and delay variation by almost 11% and 13.5%, respectively, and outperforms the existing server-centric and network-centric models.
  • Achieves better fairness among multiple competing players by 45% on average in comparison with existing methods.
  • Uses a Lagrangian Relaxation time-efficient heuristic algorithm to optimise resources.
  • Focuses on the data center’s network resource management in a centralized fashion using Software Defined Networking (SDN).
  • Since the major computational part of game processing is performed in data centers, a properly designed data center can provide high quality games to end-users and reduce costs.

Reign Interactive offers groundbreaking technology to produce a better gaming experience while at the same time it reduces cloud server costs. It’s a game changer and a sure win.

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